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Data Protection Program

Data protection is an intelligent, comprehensive service designed to effectively manage and safeguard data throughout your organization. At SecureAlley, we have developed a tailor-made data protection program that caters to the diverse and ever-changing needs of businesses. Our strategic roadmap not only helps organizations identify and classify sensitive data but also provides continuous monitoring and proactive measures to prevent any unauthorized data exfiltration. With our expertise, your valuable information remains secure within the confines of your organization.

  • Identifying potential sources of sensitive information by consulting with several departments.

  • Locating and identifying data across an organization's infrastructure.

  • Provide follow-up advice after discovering sensitive information dispersed around the company.

  • Technologies and strategies used to prevent unauthorized access, transmission, or exposure of sensitive data.

  • Keeping the program up-to-date with the ever-evolving demands of businesses and mandatory governmental regulations.

  • Generating reports to provide incidents on data breaches and user behaviour.

  • Process of categorizing data based on its level of sensitivity and applying appropriate security measures.

  • Send sensitive information outside the organisation in a controlled environment.​

  • Automatic labelling of documents and Emails based on its sensitivity level.

Data Classification 

Data Loss Prevention 

Sensitive Labelling 

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