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Data Protection

Secure Alley's Data Protection Program is a meticulously crafted, custom-designed solution that encompasses three fundamental steps, ensuring robust safeguarding of valuable data.


Data Classification

Identifying potential sources of sensitive information by consulting with several departments.

Locating and identifying data across an organization's infrastructure.

provide follow-up advice after discovering sensitive information dispersed around the company.


Data Loss Prevention

Technologies and strategies used to prevent unauthorized access, transmission, or exposure of sensitive data.

Keeping the program up-to-date with the ever-evolving demands of businesses and mandatory governmental regulations

Generating reports to provide incidents on data breaches

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Process of categorizing data based on its level of sensitivity and applying appropriate security measures.

Send data outide the organisation in a controlled environment 

Automatic labelling of documents and Emails based on its sensitivity level.

Dark Web Monitoring

Tailored Darknet Services to Enrich Darknet Data

Investigative Reconnaissance

To detect possible dangers to a person, organization, event, or place, investigate, compile, and evaluate a particular threat actor or threat actor group.

Data Acquisition 

Purchase darknet data on the client's behalf, which may need darknet knowledge and authentication. All information is gathered in a moral and legal manner.

Darknet Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and alerting to references of certain assets and phrases on the darknet.

Brand Protection

Investigate, report, and evaluate the reputational risk a brand faces on the darknet with an emphasis on online sales of products, fake goods, insider threats, and data leaks.

Essential 8

Email Security

But you already have an email security solution…

That's a start, I suppose. But what's this? 

Traditional email security is bypassed in 50% of all email assaults, including Business Email Compromise (BEC) and credential theft. We are aware of this because we watch as thousands of email threats are reported, found, and eliminated from the inboxes of our clients.

What we provide


Managed SOC

Introducing our comprehensive Managed SOC service, your trusted partner in safeguarding your digital assets. Our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts works tirelessly to proactively detect, analyze, and respond to potential threats round the clock. With cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices, we provide real-time monitoring, incident management, threat intelligence, and vulnerability assessments to ensure your organization stays protected against ever-evolving cyber threats. Let us handle your security needs, while you focus on what matters most—your business. Experience peace of mind with our Managed SOC service today.

Complete Managed Security for Today’s Threats

Endpoint Security

Network Security

Cloud Security

Windows & macOS event log monitoring, advanced breach detection, malicious files and processes, threat hunting, intrusion detection, 3rd party NGAV integrations and more.

Firewall and edge device log monitoring integrated with real-time threat reputation, DNS information and malicious connection alerting.

Secure the cloud with Microsoft 365 security event log monitoring, Azure AD monitoring, Microsoft 365 malicious logins and overall Secure Score.

24x7 Cyber Security Powered by Experts

Managed SOC (security operation center) is a white labeled managed service that leverages our Threat Monitoring Platform to detect malicious and suspicious activity across three critical attack vectors: Endpoint | Network | Cloud. Our elite team of security veterans hunt, triage and work with your team when actionable threats are discovered including:

  • Continuous Monitoring – Around the clock protection with real-time threat detection

  • World Class Security Stack – 100% purpose-built platform backed by over 50 years of security experience

  • Breach Detection – The most advanced detection with to catch attacks that evade traditional defenses

  • Threat Hunting – Elite security team proactively hunt for malicious activity

  • No Hardware Required – Patent pending cloud-based technology eliminates the need for on-prem hardware

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