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Small Business

Secure Alley presents cybersecurity program meticulously crafted for small businesses. In an era marked by escalating cyber threats targeting small enterprises, safeguarding sensitive data is non-negotiable. With attackers increasingly targeting small businesses as gateways to larger clients, coupled with stringent government regulations, cybersecurity is paramount. Our tailored program offers comprehensive protection against evolving threats, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for your organization. Elevate your cybersecurity posture with Secure Alley empowering your business to thrive securely in today's digital landscape.​

For a small business, even a minor cyber security incident can have devastating impacts. In the 2021-2022 financial year, the average cost per cybercrime reported to the ACSC rose to over $39,000 for small businesses.

Secure your accounts

  • Setting up multi-factor authentication capability starting with your most important accounts.

  • Providing a password manager tool to create and store unique passwords or passphrases for each of your important accounts.

  • we help in limiting the use of shared accounts and secure any that are used in your business.

  • We ensure each user can access only what they need for their role.

Mitigating threats via emails and applications

  • Scam Messages :  Secure Alley proactively monitors, alerts, and blocks spam messages, safeguarding businesses from potential scams before they reach users.

  • Email Attacks : We leverage cutting-edge technologies to offer our expertise in safeguarding your organization against prevalent email-based threats.

  • Malicious Software We actively oversee your network and devices, identifying and permitting only trusted applications while guarding against malicious ones.

Protect your devices and information

  • We help in updating and patching vulnerabilities for your devices and software.

  • Ensuring creating and implementing a plan to regularly back up your information.

  • Setting up security software to complete regular scans on your device and network.

  • Performing a factory reset before selling or disposing of business devices.

  • Configuring devices to automatically lock after a short time of inactivity.

  • Understanding the data your business holds and we take the responsibility  to protect it.

Prepare your organisation 

  • Educate Employees : We provide comprehensive cybersecurity training to your employees, equipping them with essential practices to prevent cyber attacks effectively

  • Emergency Plan : In the realm of cyber attacks like ransomware, we assist organizations in formulating government-approved emergency plans, termed playbooks, to ensure structured response procedures.

  • Stay Informed We consistently communicate updates regarding the latest cyber threats relevant to your industry and ensure you stay informed about the most effective practices for protection.

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