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Vulnerability Management 

Assess your organisation’s security risks from cyber threats, attacks, data breaches and other malicious acts. At Secure Alley, our vulnerability assessment is the first step in identifying and strategically managing your organisation’s susceptibilities to IT security threats.

Our vulnerability assessments provide a comprehensive analysis into your network, identifying risks and vulnerabilities across all devices, applications, networked hosts, services, operating systems and configurations.


Vulnerability assessments prevent problems before they arise, protecting your business by proactively identifying, mitigating and minimising cyber security risks through systematic examinations of key systems including:

  • IT infrastructure

  • Computer networks

  • Internal applications

  • Third party software


High-performance scanning for crucial vulnerabilities helps us deliver faster results for urgent and crucial security risks. Identify and address risks quickly with continuous network scanning alongside actionable, priority scoring.


Our team follow a step by step process to identify and minimise potential cyber threats:

  1. Asset Discovery - Gaining complete visibility into all digital infrastructure and connected devices, from mobile devices to IoT devices and cloud-based infrastructure.

  2. Prioritisation - Identifying the most crucial vulnerabilities to help address them immediately. For example, customer-facing applications or databases containing sensitive information.

  3. Vulnerability Scanning - Identifying known security weaknesses based on public information (thousands of vulnerabilities in software are reported every year) and providing guidance on managing vulnerabilities in current software versions, configuration settings, open ports and running services.

  4. Analysis and remediation - Developing an assessment report and remediation strategy, typically based on the severity of vulnerabilities and potential for exploitation. For example, internet-facing systems, devices with vulnerable software installed and systems that host sensitive data.

  5. Reporting - Delivering custom reports that outline objective risk metrics and comprehensive views on identified risks in a way that management and technical teams can understand.

  6. Adaptive Threat Protection - Adjusting security measures and controls in response to current and changing cyber threat conditions.


Like most problems, prevention is better than a fix. The average cost of a data breach per Australian organisation is over $2.5 million a year according to CRN security reports. By focusing on the early detection and minimisation of cyber security threats, you can protect sensitive information and minimise downtime:

  • Prevent data breaches, unauthorised access, intellectual property theft and ransom.

  • Ensure adherence and compliance with privacy and confidentiality regulations.

  • Improve availability and functionality of systems, networks and IT assets.

  • Prevent disruptions and ensure business continuity and peace of mind.


Our highly experienced security technicians tailor a suitable approach to evaluate and strategically manage your organisation’s vulnerabilities.

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